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How we got started and a little about the club.

  Our club is a international  group of people that love to work with cars, trucks and motorcycles.   We keep it fun and interesting.      Some people in our club enjoy doing the "rap off" comps at shows.    You don't have to do the rap offs or show our ride to be in our club. Its just the present members love to do them.

     We are a group that hung around but were in different clubs, so we talked it over and just pulled together and started our own club in the fall of 2008.   We took what we liked from other clubs and rolled them into our club base line.   We stand behind our believes in what a club is and our morals and our keeping it fun and enjoyable. 

    Even if you don't have a show car but love working on them you can join.   We don't care what make or even if it is a car it can be a truck, motor cycle, exe.  If it has a engine and you customize it to your personality you can apply to be in the club. 

  We do a feel out period and then we vote yes or no on excepting you.  The reason being we do have standards on respect and morals and don't want the clubs rep. to be damaged by a member that goes out of our standards.   

  We stand by our standards proof of this is our club grew with many members but as time went buy some members actions compromised the reputation of the club and we voted to cut them loose. We rather have a small club with good members than a large club with questionable members.      I am not saying a large club isn't a option with us we just want to keep a good reputation with the auto world and community.

  Our club also has  members threw that keep in constant contact.

Take a break from winter and relax enjoy the summer.

Fun summer days


  Also check out the past rides of members.   The group has a wide range of talent from systems to power plant mods and body work.  As of June 2009 all but 1 member is just starting a new project ride.  We all help each other out with info and feed back in his or her specailty.   





  2. Keep it fun

  3. No pressure

  4. Keeping priorities straight